Still #1!

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Yeah bwyooooooooooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

1987 :



Well I'm all in - put it up on the board

Another rapper shot down from the mouth that roared

1-2-3 down for the count

The result of my lyrics - oh yes, no doubt

Cold rock rap - 49er supreme

Is what I choose and I use - I never lose to a team

Cause I can can go solo - like a Tyson bolo

Make the fly girls wanna have my photo

Run in their room - hang it on the wall

In remembrance that I rocked them all

Suckers, ducks, ho-hum emcees

You can't rock the kid - so go cut the cheese

Take this application of rhymes like these

My rap's red hot - 110 degrees

So don't start bassin' I'll start placin'

Bets on that you'll be disgracing

You and your mind from a beatin' from my rhymes

A time for a crime that I can't find

I'll show you my gun - my Uzi weighs a ton

Because I'm Public Enemy number one



Et la mega(blast) gifle que je me suis mangé, comme tant d'autres...




samihavia publicenemy




 Public Enemy sortira bientôt (mi Octobre manifestement) un nouveau coffret "Bring the noise", et ça fait zizir!!!

Et pour patienter, Chuck D, Flavor Flav et les autres nous ont livré ceci récemment :








Yep, moi, j'ai (tout de même) quelques frissons...

PE stil #1!!!




PS : L'illustration plus haut vient d'un artiste de Finlande, Sami Havia... Props!

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